The Characteristics of Cerafine

Cerafine is lighter than aluminium and harder than many natural stones. It can also be produced to display a multitude of optical effects.

Cerafine is a 100% natural product and one that is produced from the same raw materials as conventional porcelain tableware. It does not harm the environment and can easily be crushed and recycled in other production processes.

Cerafine is fully suitable for food preparation, as it does not discharge any dissolved substances. It also prevents the appearance of mould and bacteria.

Cerafine is resistant to organic and inorganic solvents, as well as to disinfectants and detergents. Surfaces are exceptionally easy to clean, without any change to their properties.

Cerafine is resistant to scratches and deep abrasions. It has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale (by way of comparison, diamond has 10 – the highest value). It retains its properties, even after heavy use and frequent cleaning.

Cerafine can be glued to a wide range of substrates. It can also be cut and processed in different formats with high accuracy in order to meet different project requirements.

Cerafine is available in a number of different colours and finishes and caters to every taste. As it has a low weight (only 24kg per square metre at a 10 mm thickness), it is easy to transport, handle and install. Cerafine has a high bending strength.

  • 100% natural and eco-friendly, Cerafine contains no harmful substances.
  • 100% hygienic, Cerafine permits unrestricted contact with food.
  • 100% waterproof, Cerafine has a water absorption capacity of almost zero and is resistant to liquids.
  • 100% heat-resistant, Cerafine has a high temperature resistance and is resistant to hot pots and pans.
  • 100% light, Cerafine is easy to transport, handle and install.
  • 100% eco-friendly, Cerafine can be fully recycled without leaving any harmful residues.
  • 100% easy to clean, Cerafine is resistant to all chemical cleaning agents.
  • 100% climate-proof, Cerafine is resistant to frost and cold.
  • 100% colourfast, Cerafine is resistant to UV radiation.
  • 100% robust, Cerafine has a very hard surface and therefore an extremely high resistance to wear, abrasion and scratches.