Natural stone properties

Natural stone is composed of feldspar, quartz and mica. Natural stone is one of the densest of rocks and therefore absorbs very little liquid. Its extreme hardness is due to its quartz content, at roughly 65%. Impregnated worktops made of natural stone are resistant to acids, stains, heat and light, as well as being scratch-proof and odourless. Unlike worktops made of solid wood or laminate, worktops made of natural stone are extremely impact-resistant. Noise from plates and pots being moved around is also louder on solid wood or laminate worktops than on those made of natural stone, especially if the surface structure is rough. Both water and oil stains need to be removed quickly because of the risk of permanent staining (despite impregnation). Hobs or sinks can be flush-mounted or lowered, which does away with any edges that can obstruct wiping. Depending on the type of rock and material thickness, fragile areas are secured with reinforcements along the stone base. Every kitchen worktop made of natural stone is one of a kind and makes a kitchen unique.